She says things like “I’m not responsible for your feelings,” which I get, but my feelings are the consequences of her actions!

Ask Erin: Help! My Partner Wants To Be Polyamorous And I Don't

So, here’s the deal: I am a lesbian. My girlfriend and I have been together for three years. We have had a completely monogamous relationship. But Read...
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But I couldn’t help myself — I was smitten.

3 Things I Learned From My Infidelities

I never thought that I would be the sort of girl who would take part in infidelity, but I have cheated six times. Before the first time, I told Read...
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It has nothing to do with this.

Why Men Cheat (And What You Can Do About It)

What if I said that the reason your man cheated had absolutely nothing to do with you? Read...
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Ask Erin!: When Do I Tell My Husband I Know He’s Cheating?

On Sunday, my husband was in the shower. He left his phone on our bed, which he never does. It lit up with a text from “S.” That’s the name that Read...
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Danger: How To Know If You Are Having An Emotional Affair

Unsure what makes it an emotional affair? These six warning signs provide a good idea of what to avoid. Read...
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The Ashley Madison scandal points a finger at the wrong people.

I Was Hacked On Ashley Madison, But It's YOU Who Should Feel Ashamed

Nothing is private. Not online. Not now. Not anymore. Read...
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When Hackers Target Ashley Madison, Families Suffer

". . . a couple of people posted the nastiest sex ad they could come up with to Craigslist and published all of the responses, including pictures, Read...
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12 Myths About Therapy, Sex, And Infidelity That Are TOTAL Nonsense!

A survey of YourTango Experts, our esteemed network of psychotherapists, counselors, coaches and other helping professionals, revealed some Read...
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