Diversity for the win!

20 Diverse, Body Positive Books For Kids That You Def Need

The human brain is so easily conditioned and, without a word being spoken, the simple elimination of everything except for the “perfect body” in any Read...
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Talking about gender needs to happen early on.

7 Things My Breakup Taught Me About Dating As A Nonbinary Trans Person

I’ve heard that you learn something new in every relationship you have in life, and I guess that’s true. But I actually learned more in my recent Read...
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Image: Wikipedia. Lili Elbe (The Danish Girl).

Why Transgender Representation In The Media Has A Long Way To Go

By now, almost everyone who follows news about trendy Hollywood films geared towards making that particular Oscar-worthy buzz have heard of the film Read...
Clara Charlotte-Imogen Reid    |   02.19.16   |   SHARE
Sharp Kadijah, out and proud.

Entering Hell: Coming Out As Gay In Uganda

I am Sharp Kadijah, a trans man. I come from the Eastern Region of Uganda, from a town called Mbale. It was on November 22, 2013 when I came out to Read...
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This is the closest thing to fate that I know.

Maybe Being Transgender Wasn't A Mistake

Two months on testosterone — while it may not have been fate, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. Read...
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"But what were you born as?"

6 Easy Ways To Make Me, A Transgender Person, Uncomfortable

When I say that I’m a queer trans guy, people love to let me know whether or not they think I "look" like a woman or a man. Fun fact: I don’t give a Read...
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I don't look quite the same (testosterone is one hell of a hormone) but I look pretty dang cute.

To The People From My Past Who Still (Intentionally) Misgender Me

I'm not a woman. I never was. Full stop. Read...
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So marvelous.

Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: One Month

Don’t ask me to explain how hormones can make a person feel so free. Read...
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