It’s not just him — it’s me.

Gay Men Are Hitting On Me Now — And I'm Terrified

Dating while trans is scary, especially when you’re starting to “pass.” What are his expectations for my body, if any, and what if I’m not what he Read...
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Diversity for the win!

20 Diverse, Body Positive Books For Kids That You Def Need

The human brain is so easily conditioned and, without a word being spoken, the simple elimination of everything except for the “perfect body” in any Read...
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Talking about gender needs to happen early on.

7 Things My Breakup Taught Me About Dating As A Nonbinary Trans Person

I’ve heard that you learn something new in every relationship you have in life, and I guess that’s true. But I actually learned more in my recent Read...
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Image: Wikipedia. Lili Elbe (The Danish Girl).

Why Transgender Representation In The Media Has A Long Way To Go

By now, almost everyone who follows news about trendy Hollywood films geared towards making that particular Oscar-worthy buzz have heard of the film Read...
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Sharp Kadijah, out and proud.

Entering Hell: Coming Out As Gay In Uganda

I am Sharp Kadijah, a trans man. I come from the Eastern Region of Uganda, from a town called Mbale. It was on November 22, 2013 when I came out to Read...
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This is the closest thing to fate that I know.

Maybe Being Transgender Wasn't A Mistake

Two months on testosterone — while it may not have been fate, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. Read...
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"But what were you born as?"

6 Easy Ways To Make Me, A Transgender Person, Uncomfortable

When I say that I’m a queer trans guy, people love to let me know whether or not they think I "look" like a woman or a man. Fun fact: I don’t give a Read...
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I don't look quite the same (testosterone is one hell of a hormone) but I look pretty dang cute.

To The People From My Past Who Still (Intentionally) Misgender Me

I'm not a woman. I never was. Full stop. Read...
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