It comes with its own set of challenges.

Trial And Error: Dating As A Transgender Woman

Dating is always weird. This is true regardless of gender or orientation. Read...
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You're gonna like this one.

Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: Week 5

Every little change is like a flower bursting open in my chest. Read...
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Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: Week 4

My fixation with my face wasn’t about my own vanity – it was just another manifestation of dysphoria. Read...
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When Your Violin Is Supposed To Be A Cello: My Story Of Transition

A thousand Bach violin concertos swirling around my crib, imprinting those melodies on my brain, had not changed the fact that I was meant to be a Read...
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Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: Week 3

Testosterone has brought me to a whole other level of body affirmation and acceptance. Read...
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Facials forever.

10 Things Being On Testosterone Will Not Take From Me

I adamantly refuse to sacrifice my fierce femininity. Read...
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Sam Dylan Finch.

Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: Week 1

Have you ever lived somewhere and thought to yourself, “I’m not home yet”? That’s what my body has felt like the last 24 years of my life — a mere Read...
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Get educated.

What Does That Mean? A Gender And Sexuality Glossary

Once upon a time, it was easier to keep track of gender. Today, not so much — the lines are blurred. For many, gender’s not so much about questioning Read...
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