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Married to no one is the new single. Courtesy of YouTube

Watch Lana Del Rey Embrace Her Eccentricities in "Ultraviolence" Video

Bravo. Artists should be into being weird. But maybe not as into being hit? Read...
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NFL Suspends Running Back for Two Games After Knocking Fiance Out Cold, Calls It Justice

Baltimore Raven Ray Rice beat his fiance unconscious, but pleaded for a first time offender program. Cue victim blaming and outrage. Read...
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Happily Never Ever: Disney Princesses Cast as Domestic Violence Victims

Princess Jasmine with a black eye? It's a shocking image. But not as shocking as the prevalence of domestic violence. Read...
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Soccer Superstar Hope Solo Arrested for Domestic Violence

The two-time Olympian just pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges. Newsflash: Women can be abusers, too. Read...
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World Cup Woes: Domestic Violence Spikes with Every Loss

There’s a darker side to the World Cup that’s been drowned out as if by an international vuvuzela: the competition’s connection to domestic abuse. Read...
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