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Survivor's guilt.

Domestic Violence — The Grown-Up Years

So much has been written about domestic abuse in the media, mainly from the standpoint of the abused or the abuser. The bystanders — the children, Read...
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#orangetheworld and end gender-based violence.

Orange The World: Fighting Gender-Based Violence

November 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls. Using the color orange to symbolize “a brighter future Read...
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Things You Can Do To Support Your Local Domestic Violence Shelter

The sad fact is that most local shelters are underfunded and reliant on individual donations. Supporting your local shelter is important. Aside from Read...
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Seven Years After The Abuse, And Triggers Still Remain

It’s been seven years since I left him. Most days he doesn’t cross my mind. I forget that he existed. The things that he put me through are filed Read...
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Domestic Violence: Not Just A Female Issue

This doesn't mean that the outcomes of domestic violence are always equal; men tend to be bigger and stronger than women, and therefore are more Read...
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Ravishly's Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Left Shark musings, an analysis of "plus-size," and why women should pop the question . . . among other treasures. You know what to do. Ravish it. Read...
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I Tried To Write About Violence Against Women—But Couldn't Because Of Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence takes a personal toll—and then, by extension, an economic one. Read...
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