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Roger Goodell Finally Announces What The NFL Will Do In Wake Of Domestic Violence Scandals—But Is It Enough?

On the heels of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson controversies, the NFL has pledged to curb domestic violence in its ranks. Read...
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1 In 5 Men Admit To Domestic Violence—Making It More Common Than Diabetes

A new study shows that at least one in five men admit to domestic violence. Can we say "epidemic"? Read...
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Dad Goes Viral With "Be Nice" Ray Rice Jersey—And It's Not OK 

Once again, women and girls are bearing the burden of holding men responsible for non-violent behavior. Read...
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Convicted Abuser Floyd Mayweather Jr. Readies For His Next Lucrative Fight

Welcome to Famous Athletes and Intimate Partner Violence Week. Aka every week. Read...
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Why Did It Take Two Violent Videos For Ray Rice To Get Suspended From The NFL?

Do we really need to see fists meeting faces to give a shit about domestic violence? Read...
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Roger Goodell tells it like it is. Courtesy of Wikimedia

Victory! NFL Implements Harsher Penalties For Domestic Violence

Stricter penalties for domestic violence offenses have been implemented . . . just in time for 49er Ray McDonald's alleged attack against his wife. Read...
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Did this woman "ask for" a brutal beating? No, no and definitely no. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Friendly Reminder: Porn Stars are Humans and Humans Never Deserve Domestic Violence

Porn star Christy Mack was brutally beaten by an ex-boyfriend. Cue the victim blaming. Read...
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Quote of the Day: Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Says, "Women Should Not Laugh In Public"

Bülent Arınç has some illuminating thoughts on how women should behave in Turkey. Turkish women don't happen to agree. Read...
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