Spring Cleaning

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

How I Am Spring Cleaning My Mental Clutter

Give yourself a deadline and get to work to make things whole again. You’ll suddenly free up a lot of your brain power when you release mental Read...
Jen Glantz    |   03.14.18   |   SHARE
Spring is time for more than cleaning - it's time to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

How To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is fully coming to life this month. In the rainy Pacific Northwest, we have a later bloom and a sopping wet April with bursts of watery Read...
Carrie Saum    |   04.12.17   |   SHARE
#CleaningGoals don't always translate so well into reality. (Image Credit: Gemma Hartley)

My Cleaning List Is A Thing Of Beauty, But My House Is A Hot Mess

If you were to walk into my house on any given day, you wouldn’t know that I am an efficient and organized person. I would, of course, disagree. In Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   03.21.17   |   SHARE
I’ve never felt so clean. Image: Thinkstock.

How I Discovered Healing And Self-Care By Cleaning Out My Old Crap

I was drowning in stuff, and felt constantly tired — even though I’d made an art out of trading in my old clothes at secondhand stores, minimizing Read...
Jeanne Joe Perrone    |   05.12.16   |   SHARE