Quote of the Day: Michael Jordan Says, "I was against all white people."

A new biography on the basketball legend packs a wow-inducing punch about his upbringing in North Carolina. Read...
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Daily Quote: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Rightfully Slams Donald Sterling, Falsely Claims Basketball is Racially Progressive

We're all for racist Donald Sterling being slapped around by the NBA. But does the organization really have grounds to claim it's a "leader in race Read...
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Has Disney been Secretly Supporting LGBTQ Rights All This Time?

In this past, we've talked about the ways in which the Disney corporation is actually quite gay friendly—despite its closed minded, anti-Semitic, Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   04.25.14   |   SHARE
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Daily Quote: Cliven Bundy Proves Nausea-Inducing Racism is Alive and Well

A beloved-by-conservatives rancher has made headlines by talking about "negros" and why slavery was a good thing. No...seriously. Oops, yeah we just Read...
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"Swirling" vs. Same Race Relationships — Will We Ever Reach a Post-Race America?

Even in today's progressive era, why do so many people prefer same race relationships...and should it even matter? Read...
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Samuel Jackson Slams Idiotic Reporter: "We May Be All Black and Famous, But We Don't All Look Alike!"

"What Superbowl commercial?" demanded Samuel L. Jackson in a fierce growl. We knew from the start that news anchor Sam Rubin's Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.12.14   |   SHARE