I told myself I never wanted the highlight of my day to be telling my kid how many rooms I vacuumed.

Are SAHMs Failing Feminism?

I quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom. I do not tell my girls how many rooms I vacuumed, but I do tell them about my writing. Am I failing Read...
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Unfortunately, eating the WAHM cake isn’t always sweet.

The Work-At-Home Mom Revolution: Choice Or Trap?

When it comes to the work-at-home mom revolution, it’s important to recognize that this set up is not a choice for many mothers, it is a trap. Read...
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Can you partake in the beauty industry and still feel good about your self-worth?

Can You Enjoy The Beauty Industry Without Hating Yourself?​

Can you partake in the beauty industry — makeup, tutorials, magazines, and the oppressive standards they impose — and still feel good about your self Read...
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Since listening to MFM and becoming a fan, I’ve joined lots of Facebook groups full of thousands of people who talk about it in the open.

Community, Murder, & Feminism On The Podcast My Favorite Murder

On My Favorite Murder, they find ways to talk about darkness that makes it less horrifying. If you can laugh then you can heal, that much I know. Read...
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One of the most valuable is embracing the liberating feeling of saying “No.”

Teaching Your Child To Embrace The Power Of Saying No

Everyday ways to show children that they have a voice. And one of the most valuable is embracing the liberating feeling of saying "No." Read...
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I Am A Warrior Goddess By Jennifer Adams

Empowering Young Girls: How I Found My Inner Warrior Goddess — A Book By Jennifer Adams

I believe that every girl has a divine nature and innate power. Jennifer Adams is the author of more than 40 books including I Am A Warrior Goddess. Read...
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In this family, those figures traditionally made of three snowballs stacked atop each other — they’re called snowpeople.

In This Family, We Say Snowperson 

People might raise their eyebrows when they hear me say “snowperson” for the first time. But it makes perfect sense. A man is just a kind of person. Read...
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I like big books.

The Best Books Of 2017 (And Some To Watch For In 2018)

I love books so much that the first thing I did when we bought our new house was build a bookshelf into the dining room wall. Read...
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