Do you have a safe word for family holidays?

Surviving Family Holiday Meals: 2017 Edition

Do you have a safe word for family holidays? A word that means, “Meet me in the bathroom with pie, cuz sh*t just got real?” You’re not alone. Read...
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You don’t have to do it all in order to have a fun or memorable holiday season.

5 Ways To Simplify Your Holiday Season

You don’t have to do it all in order to have a fun or memorable holiday season. Just do the things that bring you life and make your soul sparkle a Read...
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Every time I tell a story about her, I’m keeping our memories alive, one leaf at a time.

Surviving Autumn Without My Mom

We think of holidays and big moments first when we think about death. What we don’t talk about are the little moments in between, like surviving Read...
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Beyond Before & After: So You Gained Weight Over The Holidays (PS It Was Maybe Two Pounds)

A bipolar, body-positive bread enthusiast with a fucked-up ankle and a history of disordered eating chronicles health, weight-loss, and gardening Read...
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Holidays without your mother are hard.

Surviving The Holidays When You’re Estranged From Your Mother

It’s been three years since I divorced my mother. The reasons are long and complicated, yet also short and simple. My mother is not capable of Read...
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Take care of yourself.

5 Ways You Can Fight The Holiday Blues

This year I’m going into the holiday season with a self-care game plan, so that I’ll be ready when the holiday blues come around. I think that Read...
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Settling: not the answer. (Image Credit: Virgie Tovar via Instagram)

Take The Cake: What If Fat Women Stopped Settling?

*/ /*-->*/ My friends and I have been talking a lot about settling lately: Settling for a cataclysmically draining and emotionally fraught Read...
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I'm sorry for what I said when Mercury was in retrograde.

Mercury Is Here To Screw Things Up With Its Retrograde Bullcrap, AGAIN

Pretty much any and everything disastrous that happens to you between now and January 8, 2017 can and should be directly attributed to Mercury and Read...
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