Get to January 2nd, sans the cray.

How To Be A Better Person: Holiday Edition

*/ /*-->*/ The week before Christmas, it seems like everyone is losing their damn minds. Shopping, prepping, wrapping, creating, cleaning, cooking Read...
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Sticking to the three present rule is much harder for the parents buying presents than the kids receiving.

11 Holiday Truths You Only Understand Once You’re A Parent

I’ve been waiting years to celebrate my undying love of all things Christmas with my child, but now that my toddler is old enough to understand the Read...
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Holidays Survival Guide. Sangria? Check. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

An Introvert’s Guide To The Holidays

It seems like everyone is an introvert these days. It’s become such an internet buzzword that, on any given day, you can find an introvert’s guide to Read...
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Relax. Your elderly relatives are probably pretty cool.

7 Tips For Talking To Grandpa This Holiday Season

Hey, the holidays are coming up, and you’re gonna see some relatives. Whether there’s enough extended fam to fill a stadium, or about three and a Read...
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We've pooled together all our very favorite goodies to help you with your holiday shopping this year!

Ravishly's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

We've got a little bit of everything: candles that smell like your favorite books, family pajamas that will last for years to come, and organizations Read...
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A Festivus for the rest of us! (Image: YouTube)

People Actually Celebrate Festivus; Here's What It Looks Like

Though most associate this blessed occasion with Frank Costanza boisterously shouting “A Festivus for the rest of us!” and attempting to wrestle his Read...
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Take care of yourself this holiday season.

Happy Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season presents numerous opportunities to celebrate and be with people we love and enjoy. It's also a constant source of potential Read...
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Five minutes. PLEASE.

20 Signs Mom Needs A Break This Holiday

10. 15 minutes alone in the grocery store has become your equivalent to a therapy session. Read...
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