You deserve to feel good. And to enjoy pie.

How To Handle Relatives Monitoring Your Eating During The Holidays

Ah, the holidays. Or, as it’s called in my family, the annual time of year to scrutinize and peer-pressure their darling daughter/niece/cousin/ Read...
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This can be you!

The Chronically Sick Girl’s Guide To Holiday Party Survival

The holidays aren’t easy on anybody, but if you’re among the millions of US women who live with one or more chronic illnesses, you may find the Read...
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I always wrap gifts in heels.

5 Ways To Snag 10 Minutes (Or More!) Of Alone Time This Holiday Season

Having a full schedule can be a wonderful thing, but also exhausting and a time suck — sucking time away from you! Take a look at your monthly Read...
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Just be there.

Ways You Can Help: The First Holiday After The Death Of A Loved One

If someone you care about is suffering through the pain of first holidays without someone they love, there are things you can do. Read...
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kids + holidays = not always a great combo.

5 Ways To Help Keep Kids Calm Over The Holidays

... there is no joy in the season when mom is locking herself in the bathroom to pull her hair out — don’t let that be you! Read...
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A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong And The Joy Of A Good Guy Protagonist

For once, central character Andrew's flaws are tied up in the fact that he is—wait for it—fundamentally decent. Read...
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Do You Love My Black Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is an envoy of our dominant, white cultural traditions. Let him be a better diplomat. Read...
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'Tis The Season . . . To Pretend There's No Season At All

This season is hard. So I'm pretending it doesn't exist. You're welcome to join! Read...
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