I’m not going to sugar coat sex injuries, like a bruised cervix, for you — they hurt.

What Even Is A Bruised Cervix? 

I’m not going to sugar coat sex injuries for you — they hurt. A bruised cervix is most common with people who have a tipped uterus. Read...
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I knew it wasn’t just post-baby blues that had me down.

Confidence In The Bedroom Boils Down To One Thing

Confidence in the bedroom is possible! What was messing with my sex drive was not extra pounds but the feeling that I wasn’t being true to myself. Read...
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Maybe your own parents didn’t talk to you about sex, and that instilled shame in you. But that shame isn’t yours to pass on to your children.

Parents, Please Talk To Your Kids About Sex

Talking about sex may make you uncomfortable, but so would having children who grow up in ignorance and fear. Read...
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Take The Cake: Would You Date A Fat Fetishist? (Part 2) 

If you like the idea of being with a fat fetishist, I think you should do it. If you hate the idea, then don’t. If you want to experiment with it, Read...
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I’m here to tell you that sometimes, you just need to climax...

The Upside To Scheduling Sex

After we had our first kid, we decided it would be a good idea to have a weekly standing sex date. Yes, we started scheduling sex! Read...
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From The Wet Reindeer to The Open Sleigh, here are the best sex positions for holiday quickies!

The Best Sex Positions For Holiday Quickies  

From The Wet Reindeer to The Open Sleigh, here are a few recommendations for the best sex positions for a quick shag session amidst the holiday hype. Read...
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How long does sex last? Inquiring minds want to know!

How Long Does Sex Last? Not Long Enough (Says A New Survey)

How long does sex last? This new (barely scientific) study of 3,836 people actually shows that men and women aren’t far off in their expectations. Read...
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Considering Consent: A Twitter Chat Round-Up

When we stop talking about consent, we also stop thinking about it — and that's how we got to this point in the first place! Let's keep the Read...
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