Eyebrows are hair, so think in the gel/hairspray realm.

Weird Things You Can Use In Your Eyebrows

Is there any makeup as synonymous with the twenty-teens as eyebrows? In years to come, people will shove on an “Instagram Baddie,” concealer-lined Read...
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For the Francophile in all of us.

The Best French Things To Rub On Your Face

Inside everyone is a little bit of a Francophile, right? French things are just good and that’s that. Cheese, accents, wine, hairy armpits, say no Read...
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(Image Credit: Flickr, Mike Ownby

Boring But Necessary Drugstore Makeup Buys

In the aisles of a drugstore, one’s instinct is almost magpie-rial. Glitter! Neon! Caramel-scented! Your inner child takes over in a frenzy; sense Read...
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Drugstore Buys For The Perfect Bushy Brow

It’s surely well known by now that the age of the heavily drawn on, perfectly angled eyebrow is coming to an end. Certainly, it’s still a #glam look Read...
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I had never had a problem with loving myself, until now. (Image: Thinkstock)

I Am Body Positive, Just Not When It Comes To Myself

But I was yet to face the cold, hard fact that my lack of acceptance for my own body, was really a lack of acceptance for all the bodies I had Read...
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I don’t want to fight to be seen as beautiful. I want to fight for beauty to come last on the list of things that I am. Image: Joni Edelman.

Body Positivity: Are We Fighting For Equality, Or Just Equal Beauty?

I want to be seen, too. But now that I’ve settled into my fat body, now that I don’t waste my insomnia on worrying about my husband leaving me for a Read...
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The most beautiful thing you can be is happy. Image: Thinkstock.

Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep

Recently, I was looking through some old pictures of myself.... Like every other person on this earth, I have my insecurities. As I was looking at Read...
We massage hope into our cheeks and forehead and wait for miracles to materialize.

The Beauty Of The Moment

The body and face we have today is such a tenuous thing. The longer I live, the more strongly aware I am that there are no promises of health or Read...
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