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Pretty AND Horny: 10 Beauty Products That Double As Sex Stimulants

Whether you're a high-maintenance kind of woman or a low-maintenance one, chances are high that you use some kind of beauty product. It may be that a Read...
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When it comes to how I look, it’s all about time. Or no time.

6 Beauty Secrets For Busy Moms

Follow these tips and you will look well-rested, you will not have camel toe, your underwire won’t poke you in the armpit, your hair will smell nice Read...
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Weird Beauty Trends I'm Dying To Try In 2016

Faux freckles. Come on. You know that you have always wanted to strategically place a little freckle and mimic what Cindy Crawford has naturally. Read...
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You're on your own here.

10 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Make sure that at least twice a year you are getting rid of unused or old makeup — even your eyeshadow as these are laden with bacteria. Read...
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What Is The Real Definition Of Beauty? 

Beauty has varied throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world. Beauty has been described and depicted through Read...
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My husband spent a day testing out my beauty routine

My Husband Tried My Beauty Routine For A Day –– And LOL!

For a long time he fought anything that might be seen as girly. Over the years, we slowly introduced him to the finer things in life: patterned socks Read...
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If your makeup's this old, you should definitely throw it out. Image: Imgur

Throw Out Your Old Makeup. Here Are The Only Items You’ll Ever Need.

It's basically a lot of palettes. Read...
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Perhaps we're being a little dramatic.

"Never, Ever Do This To Your Face, People. It's Not Worth It."

One year ago something so embarrassing, so awkward, so cringe-worthy happened to me that I could only tell two people (my mum and best friend) about Read...
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