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HeadSpaces: Help! I Never Get Asked On A Second Date

I go on lots of first dates with the help of OkCupid and Tinder, but I can’t seem to get a guy to want to take me on a second date. What gives? Read...
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Paper Bag Dating: A Trend We Should Bag

It'd be nice if people didn't care about looks when selecting a partner. But that's not the way the human psyche works. Read...
Amanda Lauren   |   11.29.14   |   SHARE
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New Dating App Grades Profiles—But Can It Give You An A+ Relationship?    

"The Grade" gives report cards to online daters. As a tool for better dates, does it pass or fail? Read...
Amanda Lauren   |   11.24.14   |   SHARE
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Sad, But True: Here’s Why Personality-Based Dating Apps Will Never Work

We think we want someone “nice” with a “sparkling personality,” but in the primal crevices of our brains, online daters just want to bone hotties. Read...
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   11.14.14   |   SHARE

I Responded To OkCupid Suitors With Nothing But Video Game Quotes—This Is What Happened Next 

Here's what goes down when you invite boys to the yard of GLaDOS, the artificial intelligence computer of the Portal video games. Read...
Jetta Rae    |   11.6.14   |   SHARE
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Top 5 Nichetastic Dating Sites

There's a dating site for everything. No, really. Everything. Read...
Amanda Lauren   |   09.25.14   |   SHARE
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What Carrie Bradshaw's OKCupid Dating Profile Would Look Like

If Carrie were dating today, here's how her online dating profile might look. Read...
Amanda Lauren   |   09.13.14   |   SHARE
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