My oldest holding our surprise (photo: Allison Dickie)

Finding Out You're Pregnant When You're Done Having Kids

I walked back into our bedroom and showed my husband the little strip with the telltale two pink lines. Read...
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I can’t seem to settle into the happiness I should have. It’s there, but it’s swirling with anxiety and fear.

Navigating IVF: The Pregnancy Test

Okay, I know I’ve kept some of you that follow me on Instagram in the dark for awhile now, and I’m sorry. I wanted to write this column and let Read...
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I didn’t realize just how much I needed — or how the packing game had changed — until I needed to place it all neatly into my (now) overflowing suitcase. Image: condesign/Pixabay.

5 Ways Being Pregnant Has Changed My Travel Prep Game

Pregnancy changes more than just your body and your emotions: it changes the “stuff” that you need on a daily basis, too. I didn’t realize just how Read...
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I’m growing a tiny human inside me. Our tiny human. Image: Thinkstock.

I'm Pregnant And Suck At Being A Wife Right Now

Dear Husband, You are putting up with an awful lot in being with me right now, and rightfully so — I’m growing a tiny human inside me. Our tiny human Read...
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Nope, just nachos.

‘I Was Asked When The Baby Was Due. There Was Just One Problem…’

I’ve never been petite. I’ve never been slender. But nor would I describe myself as ‘looking with child’. Let alone looking like I’d been with child Read...
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Pregnant? I'm NOT SURE.

The (IT’S NOT A) BABY Belly!

But seriously, Babywatchers. STOP IT. It’s none of your business. Commenting on a woman’s body in general without any solicitation from the woman Read...
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Taking Boudoir Photography to New Heights With Constance & Eric

“It’s almost as though this niche was patiently waiting for us to find it.” Read...
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5 Things To Know About Pregnancy

What to really expect when you're expecting. Read...
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