George Zimmerman

Taystee sobs, kneeling on the ground, with a CO standing behind her. Image: Netflix.

Orange Is The New Black Is Trauma Porn Written For White People [spoilers]

It’s like the writers and producers sat around and said, “Let’s put all the most f*cked up recent cultural references in one season and be the most Read...
In Florida, you can sell this for beer! (Credit: ThinkStock)

New Film Florida Man Begs The Question: Why Is The Sunshine State So Weird?

Is there an explanation for this state of sushi-stuffed pants, meat heists, and face biting? Actually, yes. Read...
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Renisha McBride. Courtesy of

Renisha McBride's Murderer Convicted, Reporting in Media Still Horribly Biased

Renisha McBride's murderer has been brought to justice. We just wish the media had handled its reporting of the verdict more justly. Read...
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Race-Themed Hashtags Remind Us the Fight Ain't Over

The #dangerousblackkids hashtag is calling out ridiculous racism in America. Yet social media hasn’t always handled the issue with such awesomeness. Read...
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