George Zimmerman Selling Confederate-Flag Paintings To Aid Muslim-Free Gun Shop Owner

I cannot make this shit up.

George Zimmerman has teamed up with a "Muslim-free" gun shop to raise funds for the shop owner's legal expenses through selling his original paintings of the Confederate flag.

Hallinan has set up a fundraising campaign through selling prints of George Zimmerman's painting of a Confederate flag, emblazoned with the slogan, "The 2nd protects the 1st." The prints are being sold for $50, but if you pay cash, you get a special discounted price of $48.90. What a steal.

This is not a drill. People are actually this shitty.

In a promotional video/weird Fox News sound-byte circle jerk, Andy Hallinan, owner of aforementioned "Muslim-free" gun shop, explains the importance of the Confederate flag to American history. He considers the recent move to remove the Confederate flag a "cultural cleansing." To send this point home, Hallinan, in a feat of logic as yet unseen by the public, asks, "You know who else cleansed the history [of their nation]?"

Wait for it.

"Hitler." Dude isn't even five minutes in, and the whole thing is already Godwinned

Hallinan does concede to the Confederate flag's tumultuous past, even going so far as to say, "I want to personally apologize to anyone who has been offended by the few who would use this flag as a symbol of hatred and racism."

Which is funny, coming from the guy who declared his gun shop a "Muslim-free" zone while standing in front of a GIANT CONFEDERATE FLAG.

Hallinan is currently facing a lawsuit for his "Muslim-free" declaration, and while technically he's a private business owner who can legally be an asshole, I'm not really that upset that he's been sued.

If you'd like to combat this immensely terrible display nationalist bigotry, take your money elsewhere. Foster a baby elephant. Help fund mental health services for veterans. Buy yourself a bunch of ice cream. Throw a $20 bill in the garbage can. I don't care. Anything other than this.

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