Guess What? Science Backs Up Your Hangry Frustrations!

When was the last time you were hangry? (You know, hungry + angry.) Like, five minutes ago?

Now, a study from the University of Sydney has shown that it’s natural. Congratulations! You have a medical excuse for being unbearable. 

Senior research fellow, Amanda Salis, laid it out nicely in the study. We'll break it down for you: your brain constantly needs glucose (an energy-providing sugar found in plants and animals) to function; when you don't eat for lengthy stretches of time, the blood sugar drops, making it impossible for your body to do so. It will also release cortisol and adrenaline, which has a fight-or-flight reaction to life-threatening situations.

Basically, you will lose focus and may get testy. (Which you have every right to be, damnit!)

So what’s the solution?

“Think nutrient-rich, natural foods that help satisfy hunger for as long as possible, without excess kilojoules,” Salis said. (Psst: "kilojoules" is the scientific term for "calorie.") “A final — and very civilized — way of handling hanger is to suggest that difficult situations be dealt with after food, not before!”

There you have it! You mad? Go eat a Snickers. 


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