Hailee Steinfeld's New Song Is Definitely About Masturbation

Hailee has been teasing at her new single, "Love Myself," for a while now. She's been retweeting fans posing with homemade "#LoveMyself" posters. She, along with her fellow members of Taylor Swift's elite girl gang, has spent the entire summer proclaiming the importance of self love, especially for young girls. The song was released this past week, along with an accompanying music video.

Turns out that when she said "Love Myself", she meant it literally.

This song is the least-subtle double entendre ever. This is not a Play Stairway To Heaven Backwards hidden meaning. This is a Not Even Hidden hidden meaning.

The song, marketed as an empowering pop anthem for teen girls, is about a breakup. It could be interpreted as a Dove campaign sort of "you define your own value" type of thing, but that would be ignoring some choice lyrics.

"I feel it deep inside without you, yeah / Know how to satisfy / Keeping that tempo right without you, yeah"

"I'm gonna touch the pain away / I know how to scream my own name"

"I'll take it nice and slow / Feeling good on my own without you, yeah / Got me speaking in tongues / The beautiful it comes without you, yeah"

Yup, she went there. All the way. People are trying to argue against the masturbation under(over)tone, but really. Touch the pain away? Scream my own name? Let me know when the Dove campaign with that tagline comes out. I'm looking forward to it.

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