Listen: Does Lane Moore Have The Best Band Of 2015?

Lane Moore is a triple threat: comedian, writer, and musician. With her band It Was Romance, they’ve released their latest album and it’s already received accolades from PitchFork, BuzzFeed, and BUST Magazine as the Best Band of 2015. 

According to Moore, the self titled album was inspired by multiple influences. Needless to say, the lady is excited by the tremendous applause! 

“It was more like certain things were happening in my life that inspired a lot of songs and then it became an album. This record really does tell a story if you listen to it from the first track to the last. I had an incredibly rough few years and the album really explores the range of feelings I had over that time,” Moore said in an interview with Ravishly. “This album is such a long time in the making for me especially. I was writing most of these songs before I even met my current bandmates, so to now have a record out that people are responding to after all this time is really cathartic.”

With shows lined up all this summer in NYC and with their video finally released, Moore intends to keep herself busy in the near future. 

“I have hundreds of songs I've been excited to put out, so I'm working on those with my bandmates, playing more shows, shooting more music videos, all that,” Moore concluded. 

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