Prince George Was Dissed, And The Internet Came To The Rescue

Image: A younger Prince George greets a furry friend, courtesy of Wikimedia

Some people shouldn’t express their opinions. (Shhhhhh!) British television pundit Janet Street-Porter is one of those special folks.

The woman JUST severely criticized a 2-year-old. Not just any 2-year-old, but the Royal Family’s Prince George on his birthday regarding his “offensive” gender-bending clothes

“Quite frankly he looks like a cross-dressing millionaire,” Janet ranted during her appearance on the show Loose Women. “He does, he’s a millionaire, and he’s got a girl’s blouse on. All over the country it’s other 2-year-olds’ birthdays, so happy birthday commoners.”

Ouch! Why pick on a toddler? Um, because you know he can't fight back . . . ? Talk about low! He didn't ask to be born into royalty, anyway.

Social media wasn’t having it, either. 

“Janet Street-Porter saying Prince George is wearing a girls blouse", vented Twitter user Vikki Turner.  “#letclothesbeclothes get with the times old lady.”

It’s 2015. With our extreme weather, political tensions, and seemingly excessive violence, should we really care about anyone's attire? Clothes are clothes. Will the world end if someone dons something out of the norm? Absolutely not. Susan Sarandon is proud that her son Miles wears a dress and is excited about the “fluidity of gender”. The media world went wild when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh wore boys clothes freely.

Like drag queen superstar RuPaul says, “You’re born naked and the rest is drag.” Preach!

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