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Allison Cooper


Allison Cooper is founder and writer for Project Motherhood, where she blogs about balancing her love for family, fashion, and living in the big city. She is the co-founder of INTRO NYC, connecting brands, bloggers, and helping bloggers stay educated in the ever-evolving digital space.You can find her writing, at NYFW, spending time with her boys, or sipping on strong coffee!  You can connect with Allison on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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I’ll sing it from the rooftops and admit the one thing that many moms might feel ashamed to say out loud: I live for nap time.

I'll Admit It, I Live For Nap Time

Yes, I said it. I’ll sing it from the rooftops and admit the one thing that many moms might feel ashamed to say out loud: I live for nap time.

Kids should be exposed to a variety of veggies as early as the womb.

Apparently, We've Been Trying To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables In The Wrong Way

I remember very vividly those first days of feeding my son solids.


Bus Stop Style — 5 Tips For Looking Cute While Picking Up The Kids

Who is wearing heels or even wedge booties to the bus stop in the morning? Not I! And not to mention that a heel is typically way to dressy for anything I plan to wear to the bus stop. Hit up your local Target with $50 to spend and you will return home with 2-3 pairs of simple flats that you can mix and match for comfort in the morning and a little pop of color.


Lunch Swaps – 5 Tips For a Healthier Brown Bag

There is nothing worse than feeling guilt in the evening whenever you think about what you consumed during the day — it’s such a sucky feeling. I try to blame it on how busy I am, since it’s not my fault that all the easy to reach for food are often the ones I shouldn’t be grabbing.

Five minutes. PLEASE.

20 Signs Mom Needs A Break This Holiday

10. 15 minutes alone in the grocery store has become your equivalent to a therapy session.

Dear Oldest Son: I’m sorry...

Dear Oldest Son: I’m Sorry My Attention Is Divided Right Now

Dear Oldest Son, Life these days is all about dividing and conquering. I feel more and more like I’m dividing and conquering so many things.

Image: Kendra Scott

5 Cool Ways To Add Pantone's Colors Of The Year To Your Look

Whether you follow the Pantone yearly color trends or not with your own personal wardrobe, it’s always fun to see what they declare as “the color of the year” and the impact that it makes on the fashion market.

“Nevermind mom, you don’t understand. You’re not a gamer.”

Accepting My Son Is A Gamer Has Been Really Hard For Me

Then all of a sudden he stopped and muttered the words, “Nevermind mom, you don’t understand. You’re not a gamer.” That stopped me in my tracks.

Age gaps aren't the enemy (Imag Credit: Thinkstock)

There’s An Age Gap Between My Kids – Deal With It

Most of us grow up envisioning the “perfect” family that we will have one day. One boy, one girl – 3 years apart. Right?