Denim Looks For All Genders And Sizes

There’s a million and one stretch denims just waiting for you to discover them.

There’s a million and one stretch denims just waiting for you to discover them.

When you hear the word denim, you might not think high fashion or couture, but it’s on the designer radar for 2018.

Be it dresses or pants, jackets or shorts, vests or skirts… denim is being spotted on the runways and in the collections of fashionable bloggers and Instagrammers everywhere.

We’re grateful for the resurgence of denim, even though our go-to for casual pants never ever really went away — it just wasn’t the highlight of our closets and shopping lists! From elegantly tailored, crisp dark denim trousers and jumpsuits to the Americana vibe of a well-worn jean jacket or vest, denim is popping up everywhere and in every way.

The best thing about the trend? As well as being fashionably versatile, lending itself to a number of items, cuts, and silhouettes, denim is completely gender neutral. Anyone can wear denim without feeling the pressure to perform their gender, unlike some florals and other prints often perceived as “dainty” and traditionally feminine. No matter your identity or style, there’s a denim cut and color for you. 

Need something more structured? Choose a well-tailored, fresh dark denim. Looking for a bit of give or stretch to hug your curves? There’s a million and one stretch denims just waiting for you to discover them. Want to try something new? Choose from gorgeous, leather-like waxed denims.

To avoid the Justin and Britney faux pas of the 2001 AMAs, check out these amazing fashionistas who rock the style in a number of easy-to-replicate ways.

1. Kiki Deluxe (@the_key2style)


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Queer badass plus-size fashionista slays the double-denim look. By keeping the two denims from being a perfect match and topping it with a long-line white vest, Kiki breaks up the look in a stylish, manageable way, easy to mix and match with other pieces.

2. Jessica Torres (@thisisjessicatorres)

Writer and body-positive force to be reckoned with Jessica Torres shows us how to rock a jumpsuit during the winter months. Think that denim is just for jackets? Think again. This coat can handle a serious winter chill with that ice blue fur trim!

3. Laurel Dickman (@laureldickmanwrites)

Yours truly models a serious classic look with a trusty denim jacket, pristine white t-shirt, and well-fitted oxblood bootcut jeans. The best part of this look? It’s completely genderless and timeless.

4. Fernando D. Chavez (@latinboywearsadress)

Fresh to death Fernando D. Chavez shows us how to elevate a denim vest with this modern long-line piece. Even tossed over a Metallica t-shirt, he manages to look chic and perfectly put together.

5. Tatiana A. Lee (@misstatilee)


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At a gathering of incredible Cur8able Cur8tors, Tatiana Lee shows off her amazing off-the-shoulder denim dress paired with sexy faux leather leggings. As the caption suggests, her clique is pretty darn badass. If you aren’t following each of these brilliant bloggers and fashionistas, you are missing out! 

6. Brianne Huntsman (@the_huntswoman)


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Boss business babe Brianne Huntsman shows off a phenomenally structured yet loose Jibri jumpsuit. This look is not made to be hidden or minimized. Jibri’s signature stacked hip is even present in these gorgeous jumpsuits, playing with silhouette and never asking their customer to shrink to fit the world around them.

7. Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad)


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Queer Aussie-turned-Los-Angelino makeup artist Jazmina Daniel doesn’t just always nail the perfect face — she also slays her wardrobe choices. This simple but stylish pencil skirt is perfect in a medium denim wash.


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8. Astra Marie Varnado (@funkychunkyy)


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SoCal retro fashionista Astra shows off another perfectly funky vintage find. This curve-hugging jumpsuit is great for a casual outing or taking over the dancefloor.

9. Hannah Lin (@hannah_lin_modelling)


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The '90s called and they said, “Keep the jumpsuit, cutie… you make it look better than we did.” Australian babe Hannah Lin strikes a pose with this fabulous throwback look complete with combat boots and a dark lip. Because, really… what tough '90s look isn’t?

10. Mayra Louise (@mayralouise)


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Got acid wash? Dutch writer, bopo blogger, and mother of three Mayra shows us that you can, indeed, stack that many bold washes in one look… and boy does it ever work!

11. Emily Johnston (@fashionfoiegras)


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Emily shows us that dresses can be as casual as a well-worn pair of jeans… and made of the same material! Special details like the mid-torso twist make this button-up dress super special.

12. Andrew Harris (@mypantsblog)


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Teacher and non-binary fashion Instagrammer Andrew shows off a super stylish denim jegging and flat combo. Paired with a blue canvas adirondack and grey hoodie, this look is stylishly layered for any weather you might encounter.

13. Nazirah Ashari (@nazirahashari)

Malaysian plus-size hijabi fashion blogger Nazz shows off a '90s flavored layered look topped with a comfy, over-sized floral denim jacket.

14. Shirin (@sharirini)


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Torrid fashionista Shirin shows off a gorgeous denim look. Make a simple button-up special with a statement necklace and great hat, or leave it buttoned low with a pair of shoulder-duster earrings for a whole new vibe.

15. Milla Grönman (@millagron)


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Scandinavian blogger Milla pairs a playful print with her youthful overalls to keep this denim jumper fresh, fun, and modest for those who prefer to not bare visible midriff. 


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